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Cable and Internet rates

May 16, 2007

When I first moved here, I got a deal for about $60/mo for high speed internet and digital cable with Stars. After 6 months, the rate jumped to $90, and I figured if I were to get regular cable and internet, it would go back to $60 or so.

I had been lazy and hadn’t gone cheap, but today I was determined! I called up my cable provider, and said I wanted to get rid of digital cable and Stars. “Certainly! I can help you with that! But do you realize if you get rid of digital cable and stars, your rate on cable will go up?”

“No… What??”

Apparently, I’m *still* on a promotional rate, just a “lesser” promotion! Are you kidding? I don’t consider $90/mo reasonable, much less promotional! It would be more expensive for me to get rid of digital cable and stars than to keep it for the remaining two months. WOW.

“Family cable” would cover any channel I watch (2-72) plus more, and would be about $50 a a month. Internet would be $45/mo. The cheapest cable is $16 a month, but only covers 2-22–most network shows, but not the other stuff I watch. I forgot to ask if they offer an lower speed cheaper internet.

I’m going to have to do something differently, these rates are ridiculous. I’m not opposed to DSL, and maybe I could just get NetFlix and start watching movies instead of cable…..

I’m outraged. Maybe this means I should invest in cable television and broadband companies. Someone is making a killing here.

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