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Status Report

June 6, 2007

I went on a (planned) vacation, though it wasn’t planned to happen this early in the summer. I also visited the dentist and found out I’ll have to spend a pretty penny there this summer. I am kicking myself for choosing the cheaper dental insurance, but I also really care about my teeth and do not want to wait until 2009 to fix them (dental coverage is for 2 yrs). I can use my HSA to pay for some of this, but I’m not sure the exact amount in it, and I already use $40/mo on birth control. Those are my extra expenses.

I’m also considering a cosmetic procedure to adjust my gums, and would love to do whitening, but I suspect those are $300/pop and not at all necessary. So I will wait–at least until the end of the year for the gums, and the whitening… well forget that for now, my teeth aren’t bad and white strips are only about $30.

I think I’m going to miss my “in the black” goal date for a few reasons.  My final project for my masters class hasn’t been graded, so I most likely won’t get my tuition reimbursement until the following paycheck.  Also, the vacation wasn’t accounted for in the goal… So that’s almost $1k down. Booo. I think it’ll just be a one paycheck slip though.

I’m considering working some overtime in order to get a little extra cashflow. I don’t need it, but overtime is available and I am spending more this summer than I was in the winter. There is a six hour minimum to count it, and by my calculations, that will net me about… $250 extra dollars in my paycheck (2 wks) if I do just the minimum, and $350 if I work an extra 8 hrs a week. This week it is already too late, but I guess for the next 2 weeks I will plan to do at least 6 hours of overtime, and a reach goal of 8. I think the pay period starts on the weekend, so perhaps I’ll come in for a bit. There is no shortage of work, though I may have to be added onto another aspect of the project. That wouldn’t be half bad, and I will learn something new!

I also have to get in gear to take the GRE this summer. How about August 1st? Far away, but not too far…

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