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256% net worth increase!

July 22, 2007

I was coerced into spending a pretty penny on wine this weekend: Thirty dollars for bf and I to attend a wine tasting, and another$ $35 on some wine itself.    We are taking a four session wine class (third class tomorrow) and have already learned a lot, and bought a lot of wine. I was rewarded with my boyfriends purchase of an entire case of wine as an early partial anniversary present.

Usually, my boyfriend is quite frugal, so I was slightly surprised at the purchase. We have fairly similar spending habits, and generally encourage one another to be mindful of our spending on unnecessary things. We don’t live like paupers, but we are conscious of money going in and out.

From June to July, Yodlee reports an astounding 256.52% increase in net worth! Of course, this is because I started out June in the negatives, and now am safely in the positive zone. Also, august is a 3-paycheck month, so I should be able to dump a extra into savings then.

I’m toying with the idea of opening a CD to get a little more bang for my buck, but with my future being unknown (I will be seeking a new job, anticipating starting in January or February), I want to keep my money liquid.

My financial goals shall remain unchanged, and I am focusing on my next goals of finding a good job. I’ve done some initial searches and while it might be a little work, I should be ok.

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