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August goals

August 3, 2007

I made some pseudo-goals for July, but I see now they weren’t defined well. I’m not going to report progress on them, except to note I did not reduce eating out as planned. Ah well. It’ll be very low all fall, as my love will no longer be in town with me.

1. Finish reallocating my 401k (as much as possible without incurring short term trading fees)

2. Contribute 700 to my HYSA fund. This is sort of an e-fund, but more just a general savings fun (100 more than auto deposits)

3. Keep 401k contributions at 13% and contribute the pre-planned 100 to Roth (basically a “stay on track” goal

4. Contribute $550 to the student loan payback fund.

5. Keep restaurant spending below 100 (seems easy, but it’s my weakness!)

6. Study for GRE more, take it, and rock it! =) Not financial, but personal development at least.

7. Apply for 3 or more jobs and continue to update resume.

8. Work over time 2 weeks (at least 6 hours)

Wow, a lot of goals! I think they are all achievable, but still challenging enough to not be trite!

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