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Extra money

September 25, 2007

I sold a few things that were only cluttering my life on Amazon and earned almost $40 (after fees). Not too impressive, but then again, $40 I didn’t have before! I also sold some clothes to a consignment shop, but they only took 4 things and paid me $20. Again, it is money I didn’t have before, even though the amount isn’t all that impressive.

It is fun earning extra money, even though it is on things I once paid much more for.

In downfalls, I spent about $100 at Gap outlet this past weekend, not to mention a few birthday gifts I had to purchase. Still, my net worth is growing each month, so I’m doing something right.

I increased my 401k contributions from 13% to 15%, with the understanding I probably won’t meet my savings goals for my regular accounts. Depending on the year end bonus, which I hope to be around 3k after taxes. It might be wishful thinking, but that would really be a good boost to close out the year.

My current task is figuring out auto insurance… I’m being kicked off my parents plan!

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