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September Goals Results:

September 28, 2007

September Goal Results

  • Continue 13% 401k and 100 to Roth IRA

I actually upped it to 15%. Why? Because it is money I can’t touch, and I really want it to grow.

  • Replenish travel fund with $100 (and likely, drain it again to buy a ticket to LA for october)

I did contribute 50 to it, then bought my plane ticket.

  • Contribute 450 to student loan payback account

I was able to contribute 500.

  • Contribute 875 to HYSA (275 more than autodeposits… slighlty cheating since i expect some of that to come out of todays paycheck)

Well. I am certain this didn’t happen. There has been a change in the way I use my HYSA, but the balance has only increased by about $200. Ouch. It was a big spending month, unfortunately.

  • Spend less than 100 on restaurants and less than 30/week on grocery.

YAY, this one I managed. Restaurant was about 90, and grocery was right on track. I’m going to move restaurants down even more next month.

  • Finish and send in grad school application, stay up to date in class

Grad school application has been submitted, I’m a little behind in class, but will but up to date by Monday.

I really wasn’t that sucessful this month. I had some unplanned spending (new camera, car repairs) and some expensive planned spending (plane ticket) and bought some clothes at Gap Outlet. On the plus side, I sold about $100 worth of book (mainly, a $70 textbook) on Amazon, so that balanced things a teeny bit. But still, let’s hope for a much better October!

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