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Long Term Plans

October 20, 2007

I haven’t written a post at all this month. I thought I would have more time for this, but I haven’t been making it a priority. I just finished writing an extensive entry on student loans for JD at Get Rich Slowly. It was very rewarding, and reminded me of why I started this blog in the first place.

I still am not sure if I will meet my year end money goals. If I don’t, I’m not incredibly worried, because I still made a TON of progress this year. Since I graduated in May 2006, I’ve mostly been setting up the foundation of a good financial future. I am still in the beginning stages, and I’ve started to think about what might come next. Long term goals have eluded me, but once the foundation is built, I want to have a plan for what do to next.

First, I would like to max out my 401k. This year my personal contributions will be roughly $8,000, far short of the allowed $15,500. Next year, I should be relocated to a higher cost of living area. Ironically, I believe that will allow me to save more of my income, because I plan to leave the percentages the same. This also will mean my employer match will be higher. Still, it may take a couple years before maxing out my 401k and my Roth concurrently is possible.

Second, I’d like to start saving for a house downpayment. This is very much a long term goal. I don’t expect to be purchasing for five years, maybe more. Someday though, I would like a house, and I would like to be prepared for it.

Last, I’d like to start out a non-retirement investment account. This won’t be for “play” money, but for building wealth that I can access before I reach retirement age.

I can’t make much progress on these goals while still building an efund, paying student loans, and saving up for a car, but it is nice to look and see what is on the horizon.


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