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October Goal Results

October 30, 2007

How did I do in October on meeting my financial goals?

  • Continue 401k and Roth contributions: Yes, but I’m considering reducing 401k back to 12% to flow extra into my savings. Most of my net worth increase is getting tied up in retirement accounts, and I need a little more in savings.
  • Limit groceries to $30/wk and restaurants to $75: Well, I didn’t track my spending this month…. Ooops… But I would venture a guess that this is true
  • Contribute $400 to student loan payback account: I only contributed 300.
  • Contribute $1000 to HYSA: I don’t think this happened either….
  • Finish writing post about student loans I volunteered to do for for Get Rich Slowly: Done

I really did quite poorly this month…. I need to set more realistic goals. I keep setting the bar too high, and then failing! I think that is better than setting the bar too low and always meeting them, but there has to be a happy medium!

To make myself feel better, here are some things that I did do in October:

  • Found a new job in California and negotiated salary
  • Had a performance review in my current job and was rated a 3-3 (it’s a scale of 1 to 3 on two scales so 3-3 is the best)
  • Booked my ticket for the holidays, convinced my friends to meet in a city where we can have free lodging
  • Did decent on my graduate class midterm
  • Bought much needed new black work shoes (I’m stretching here!)

Obviously, my first goal for next month is to resume tracking of my spending. I’ll have to think about the other ones.

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