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Unhappy with Wells Fargo (again)

November 3, 2007

While checking my online banking, I noticed my student loan is suddenly back in repayment status I took 6 credits of graduate classes last semester and was granted a student loan deferment. I thought this was great news, because my loan is subsidized and I am not charged interest during a deferment.

It seems like my class this semester doesn’t qualify me for the same treatment, perhaps because I’m only doing 3 credits. Wells Fargo has taken it upon themselves to mark 6/07 until 10/19 as a period of hardship forbearance! More like a period of “Wells Fargo screwed up… again!” I’m going into the branch tomorrow to inquire about this. If it doesn’t affect my credit report, then I suppose I’ll let it slide. I have to go to the branch anyway because I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to set up auto-payments online in the appropriate way to get the rate discount offered. I can set up payments online, but it seems it isn’t the same thing as when I mail the forum in. They make it confusing!

More annoying, they not only charged me interest for the “forbearance” period (this is to be expected), but they capitalized it into the loan, raising the principle by $366. I’m going to fight that, even if I have to simply pay the interest outright. If I do that, I can deduct it from my taxes! In the loan documents, it says they can capitalize the interest into the loan if I choose not to pay the interest, but I do NOT choose that, they gave me no option! This all just seems wrong. They haven’t provided me any notification or got any consent from me.

What makes me most annoyed is that until I pay off my student loan, I’m stuck with Wells Fargo. If it were something more simple, I’d just take my money elsewhere.

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    November 3, 2007 5:37 pm

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    November 4, 2007 11:04 pm

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