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Peek at my 2008 plan

December 15, 2007

Here is my sketched out plan for 2008. I’m moving to an expensive city, but I took the difference of the salary and the rent increase, and I’m coming out a little ahead. Of course, there are other factors…. Anyway, savings are blue, if you can see the different colors.

This doesn’t include a signing bonus or any leftover relocation perks, but those will just go automatically into savings and other initial costs of starting over (apartment deposit, etc.)

I’m not sure if I really will only spend 200 on groceries and 100 on restaurants, but I’m sure going to make an effort. I also have to start paying my own car insurance and secure renters insurance. I have no idea what the cost for those will be, but I allowed 100/month. I have $200 of unbudgeted money monthly, and $100 for entertainment–I really spend very little on entertainment currently, so we’ll see.

Ah, I love planning. Or perhaps I’m really just procrastinating on finishing up my take home final for my graduate class.


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