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Christmas and New Years Round-up

January 4, 2008

It has been a hectic few weeks, and I hope to have some serious posts as life returns to normal. However, normalcy probably won’t truly settle in for awhile–I’m moving over 2000 miles to a new home this month! Still, vacation mode is over and things should be more normal around here. Here is a round up of my financial status for the past couple weeks.

I spent roughly $410 on Christmas presents

  • $60 for my mom: Contributed to a GPS with my sistesr
  • $55 for my dad: XM radio subscription
  • $25 for my grandparents: Applebees giftcard
  • $20 for a drinks for my friends
  • $60 each for two of my sisters: Mostly clothes and make-up
  • $40 for my boyfriends family (including shipping): A nice blanket and random treats
  • $70 for the boyfriend: A nice zip up university sweatshirt he had coveted
  • $30 for my sisters boyfriend: Sweatshirt
  • $30 for my brother in law: Gift card to best buy
  • $20 for my nephew: A baby bible and color book

There was an additional $100 in other random Christmas expenses: Gas to get to my sister’s and back, a cheap Christmas day train ticket, and a few meals for me and my sister.

I spent $555 (not including previously purchased $400 plane ticket) on new years eve vacation which lasted about five days. About $100 of it was due to me paying for my boyfriends share of things, since he is a poor grad student and I have a real job, and I wanted him to join us on all activities. Luckily, there was no hotel costs since we stayed in his apartment. (I do not currently live in the same city as him, hence the move.)

  • $170 on food
  • $125 on car rental and gas
  • $200 on alochol and going out (yikes!), including a somewhat pricey New Years Eve
  • $60 on general entertainment

My net worth increased by about $3000 in December despite all that spending and despite my $500 security deposit for my new place being taken out. Not only did I have my regular paychecks, I had about $5000 in a year end incentive bonus as income. That definitely helped things along. Anyway, I did update my NetworthIQ page, so feel free to click on over for details.

Did I meet my year end goals? What are my new goals? I have to review whether or not I met my 2007 goals. I think I met some of them, but not all. I need to rework my 2008 goals and decide what I want to do financially this year.

The last thing to mention is today’s small impulse buy. In a spur of the moment decision, I raced to Walmart and picked up a humidifier and cold medicine at about 11:00 pm tonight. Yes, I’m a little sick. The humidifier was only about $25, but I obviously did not buy quality, nor did I research the best deals. I also sort of dislike Walmart, but nothing else was open and I felt really crappy. Now, time for bed, as it is back to work tomorrow for my last few days.

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