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Spending cycle

January 15, 2008

It seems I can go months on a fairly tight budget, not desiring to spend a lot of money on anything really. I won’t go shopping, I won’t go out to eat, and I will build wealth fairly effectively.

January has not been one of those months. Part of it is because I’m moving out of my apartment (and city, state, and region!). I’ve bought several cleaning supplies that I probably could have got by without (or substituted with things I already own). I also bought a new large suitcase. Then I needed a new coffee mug, because mine ceased to be watertight and was spilling. Then a dinner with my friend, because I’m leaving. And some wine for him because he fixed my car speakers for free. And wine for myself, just because. And a magazine too, while I’m there. Oh, and I needed an oil change. And it’s been like that, one thing after another, the money just has felt like it is flowing out. And out, and out and out.

It has been. I have spent at least $300 in the last couple weeks on non-bill related items. Perhaps more. I’m a little afraid to tally it, though I have a handy pearbudget spreadsheet all set up… The thing is, I knew that I’d be spending more than I make this month due to paying double rent because I’m moving. And due to getting 1 weeks less pay, due to switching jobs. So since I knew that, it seemed like I might as well just buy every cleaning supply I thought I’d need… At least it should help me get my $100 deposit back!

Well, anyway, it’s time to tighten up ship again! I pledge to conciously think about each purchase I make for the rest of the month, and only buy things I really need!

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