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New job, new city, new expenses!

January 19, 2008

After a stressful week, I’m finally in Los Angeles for good! That’s right, I live here now! It is still sinking in that I can go outside without a coat (and hat and gloves!)

Actually, it could have been MUCH more stressful. My new company paid for movers to come in and pack up all my stuff. They pay to ship my car. They bought my plane ticket, and paid for a hotel. They are currently putting me up in an extended stay hotel and giving me $35 per diem for food. And paying for a rental car! So I really shouldn’t complain. My flight was delayed about two hours and I didn’t get much sleep, so yesterday was sort of awful. But now, things are looking good.

Unfortunately, I’ve been really loose with my money lately. I don’t know why. I need to stop! I will stop!

Random Expenses:

  • $50 in miscellaneous supplies to clean my apartment for move out
  • $150 in random pre-trip spending (book, suitecase, god knows what else at Target/Walmart!)
  • $25 at a “going away” meal with a few friends.
  • $10 at the airport for food and orange juice (was feeling sick)
  • $6 for a latte and snack at Starbucks in the airport in Chicago. I later spilled pretty much the entire latte. What a waste!
  • $500 security deposit for new apartment.

Upcoming expenses:

  • Tipping the movers. I’m not sure how much but maybe $100 for the three to split. (Any suggestions??)
  • Next months rent. I get to pay half priced next month, so this is about $700
  • Two belated birthday presents for my sisters, about $50 each
  • Random move in costs (replacing things that I didn’t bring with), probably less than $100 if I’m careful

Luckily, I have some upcoming income:

  • 21 hours of pay for my old job’s leftover vacation
  • $1000 money as part of a relocation package. I think this is tax assisted.
  • $3000 signing bonus (not tax assisted)
  • $30 refund from the cable company
  • $100 security deposit refund from old apartment
  • New and improved paycheck!
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  1. Toxic Money permalink
    January 21, 2008 3:47 am

    Lucky you! Have fun in LA and be safe!!!

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