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New cable and internet service

January 24, 2008

I’m in the process of moving into my new apartment. Technically, I’ve been paying for rent since January 15th (they wouldn’t allow me to change my move in date), but I’m still getting set up.

In apartment buildings, you often don’t have a choice for your cable television and internet provider. My apartment is serviced by Time Warner, and that is my only choice for TV. I was offered free installation and $30/mo for digital cable and $30/mo for internet for a limited six month period. A cable modem is required, but they had a deal where you could get a “free” modem through rebates. There also is $100 cash back in rebates for new services.

So….. Wow. A lot of rebates involved! The rebates are offered through, which a quick Google search turned up lots of negative reviews. Still, I’m going to file the rebates anyway, get delivery confirmation for a couple bucks, then cross my fingers that they will eventually send my $180 worth of checks. Oh, and “free” didn’t include shipping or CA state tax, so it wasn’t exactly free, but $20 for a cable modem is reasonable, I suppose.

I think that negative reviews are par for the course when it comes to rebates. If everything goes smoothly with your rebate, you aren’t likely to go online and write a happy review. But if something is screwed up, you may go write a bad one. I read a lot of negative reviews about the company I bought my laptop from, but I received the over $200 in rebates. It just took a long time. That isn’t to say that mail in rebates aren’t a pain in the butt. They are. But I’m optimistic. I was going to sign up for the service anyway, so if they want to give me $100 to do something I already planned on, then great.

To me, $60 seems reasonable and fair for internet and television. I’ve never had a problem getting fair and reasonable service… for the first six months or year. However, once the promos end, the same service jumps to about $100 a month, which seems high. Besides pulling the personal finance trick of asking for a lower rate, I probably will switch to cheaper internet and drop the cable to get the price down to about $45 a month. With cable, it would still be $80/month, which is pretty expensive to me. Maybe once my promo ends, I can look into options like DirectTV and DSL services, to see if they are viable options.

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  1. Canadian Saver permalink
    January 25, 2008 1:05 am

    How exciting, a new year, a new apartment! I agree that $60/month for both of those is a great deal. Keep us posted on the rebate situation 🙂

  2. SavingDiva permalink
    January 26, 2008 3:42 pm

    Do you think that you could just give up cable? You can watch a lot of shows online now.

  3. SJean permalink
    January 27, 2008 5:25 am

    perhaps when the promo is up, i will. I’ll have to see. I do think it is worth 30/mo, but pretty much no more than that. I think even “basic cable” is 45 or so.
    If I do give it up to watch shows online, then I have to get internet that is pretty high speed. I like to drop down to slower cheaper internet because it is really only noticeable for streaming video and downloads.

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