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January Net Worth and Goals

January 30, 2008

It is that time of the month again…. Time for a net worth update!

As expected, my net worth took a hit this month. I switched jobs and was only paid for less than 2 weeks in the new year. Plus I front loaded my pre-tax Health Savings Account at my old job, so my paycheck was extra small. Not to mention the dip in my investments and extra spending associated with moving. Oh, and I paid rent in two places this month—$575 in Iowa and an astounding $1425 in Los Angeles. (And my new place is quite a bit smaller.) Luckily, I really am only obligated to pay for half of January, so come February 1st, I have to pay “only” $762.50. There was also a $500 security deposit for my new place (I’m due $100 from my old place), and a modem that will be eventually covered by rebates for $100.

With all that said, here are the results:

January Net Worth: $11,235, down $1,824, or -13.97% from $13,059.

The detailed numbers can be seen on my NetworthIQ page (sidebar). I did move $1000 to Roth IRA, which hurt my cash savings. The rest of the loss was expenses described above. It is worth noting that I should make up all of that next month (and more), provided my relocation money and signing bonus are processed.

I took a break from monthly goals for December and January, due to all the transitions. I’m going to do the same for February, at least until I get my first paycheck and I know exactly what I’m working with.

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