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Financial Housekeeping

February 5, 2008

I have some major financial housekeeping to do within the next month (or maybe two months). With switching jobs and moving 2000 miles, I feel like everything is a mess! It is time for some clean-up.

Taxes: Self explanatory! I did start them on TaxAct, but got distracted.

Retirement Accounts:
Well, first, I assign myself some homework. I’ve had “Random Walk Guide to Investing” hanging out on my bookshelf for months. I need to read it. I also want to re-read Jonathan’s series at about asset allocation, and look for other good internet information. I need to consider rolling over my old 401k to an IRA or even to a Roth IRA. I want to at least consider moving my Roth from Fidelity to Vanguard. I need to get enrolled in my new 401k ASAP, and contribute at least 8% to get the match.

Emergency fund: I want to get it back up to 10k, then evaluate if I need to increase it further due to increased costs. It briefly hit 10k before Christmas, but has dwindled to just over 7k (!) in the move process. Well, 1k went to the Roth to kick off 2008 so it isn’t so bad. This should easily be taken care of if I simply apply the relocation allowance and signing bonus. Also, I want to investigate moving it from HSBC to something better.

Actually implement plan to buy car insurance. I have to do this soon, because I have get my car registered in my new state. It’s just… I recently designated an ING accout to save up for bi-yearly insurance purchases… but so far I’ve only stuck $25 in it! Ug.

Figure out a reasonable budget. Having scaled back income and paying two rents for a month has totally messed with my head. I have no idea what I can afford, what is a splurge, and what I absolutely shouldn’t be buying. So I’m just guessing. . .

Rebates, rebates, rebates: I need to send in rebates for my cable service, my internet service ($50 each), and for my modem (about $80). Then I need to sell my modem online, since it turns out I didn’t even need it! After that, I might cancel cable since I haven’t been watching it at all.

Set some 2008 goals: It’s been hard to do with so much up in the air.

Well, I feel a little better just writing it all down…..

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  1. SavingDiva permalink
    February 5, 2008 11:20 pm

    I making lists because then I can start crossing things off!

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