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February 29, 2008

I spent an evening last week at a Boys and Girls club in the area promoting engineering to middle school girls. While I think they were a bit young to really get much out of our presentation, they had a good time building towers out of balloons!

The girl that drove us there sent an email stating she’d be driving a silver BMW SUV. I thought to myself, wow, BMW? I’m not sure how old she was (not too much older than I) but let me just say, I don’t drive a BMW.   When we got in the car, someone commented on her SUV, and she said that she crashed her smaller car so her parents got her this large car so she’d be safer. I wish my parents bought me a BMW! Of course, she also went to a fancy big name school and I’m pretty sure that she didn’t pay for it.  I face this all often (more often now that I’m out of the Midwest) and I’m somewhat used to it, but sometimes my jealously surfaces.

Another girl who rode with us mentioned that she came to USA from Thailand, and worked as a waitress for several years when she arrived, despite having a Thai engineering degree. She went for her masters at one of the universities around here, and found employment in her field. While working, she completed many classes towards her PhD, and is a really successful engineer. Again, I thought to myself, wow.  How inspiring and impressive!

I can find reasons to be jealous of the financial advantages some of my peers have had. However, I can also be humbled by the fact that many people few advantages have made such successes of themselves.  There are a million people on both ends of the spectrum, and there is no use complaining about the cards i was dealt (which really weren’t all that bad anyway).

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  1. March 3, 2008 10:00 am

    Wow. Is all I can say. But I’ve come up against that too – rich kids… and geniuses.

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