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I need another vacation

March 24, 2008

I had a nice four day vacation in northern California this weekend. We toured some wineries, attempted to visit Alcatraz (it was sold out for days!), toured the city, and went for a very short hike in the redwoods. (I would have liked to hike further, but the rest of the group wasn’t very ambitious.)

Here were my traveling costs:

$15: Parking for the day we drove into the city
$20: Wine from Nappa (at a discounted price because of the tasting fee we (my parents) paid
($25): Money from T to reimburse me for random gas money and the fact my plane ticket was mysteriously more expensive
$40: Cash spent on one dinner and other random travel expenses
$13: Airport spending. It is like another country in there with a horrible exchange rate!

$11: Taxi to airport, including tip (a good price, however I had a friend pick me up last night, as the minimum fare from the airport would be $17.50 pre-tip!)

I spent about $75 (plus $175 for the ticket), well under my estimate of $150.  My parents paid for a lot of the more expensive things. I’m torn about that. While I know they make enough money, they aren’t wealthy and I am not sure how much they have saved for retirement. I suppose I just have to trust their judgment.

Vacationing with parents (or any other people) invovles a little more compromise than I would like. I’m very much a “do it yourself” type traveler, and get annoyed at overly “tour” like excursions. I think my parents are more typical American travelers who don’t mind paying a premium to have someone else do all the organizing. That being said, I’m sure they would have allowed me to plan our whole itinerary if I wanted to step up to the plate and do it, but I chose to take a backseat on this trip.

I have no trips planned for the future yet. I’m thinking we’ll do some more small trips, maybe some hiking/camping within driving distance. Eventually I want to go see the Grand Canyon. I don’t know where or when my next international vacation will be, but unfortunately probably not this year.

The month is coming to a close, and I’ll have to figure out exactly where in my budget that $75 can come from. I can use a little from travel, a little from entertainment and a little from “misc” and I think that I’ll be able to come out close to even, but my travel fund will be empty until next month.

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  1. March 25, 2008 2:49 am

    My parents are the same way, they like the tour type trips even if it costs a little more. I am like you and enjoy the ‘do it yourself’ type trips. They also usually pay for (almost) everything on the trips we do together and I have the same mixed feelings about it.

    I have tried to stop worrying about it though – my parents wouldn’t do anything they absolutely couldn’t afford, and I am their daughter so they naturally want to help me out. I try to make it up to them later on by taking my mom to lunch or my dad to the movies when I am home.

  2. March 25, 2008 6:53 pm

    ah, Napa is pretty awesome. I went there with the hubby for his birthday. It’s expensive, but definitely worth it.

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