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I like to ignore good advice (and my HSA)

April 5, 2008

I asked for advice on purchasing glasses, but I didn’t follow much of it.  I didn’t purchase direct from my optometrist (the selection was not very good), but did go to Lens Crafters.  I didn’t shop around beyond that.  I didn’t go to Costco (not a member) or Walmart (quite far from my apartment).  I was too chicken to purchase online, and wasn’t encouraged by this negative post at My Two Dollars about $39 glasses.

The advice I received was totally sensible and applies to almost everything–shop around for a good deal.  I only shopped at two places.

What kind of deal did I get?  My frames were about $220 and the lenses were a whopping $310 because they recommended polycarbonate lightweight lenses and a scratch resistant coating.  I did not get the thinnest lenses and I did not get anti-glare.  For being an AAA member (thanks mom and dad!) I got a 30% discount to bring it down to $370.  My insurance will cover $100 towards lenses and $70 towards frames.  So that leaves me to cover $200 out of my health savings account (pre tax dollars).

Did I get ripped off?  My last pair of glasses were from Walmart and I had them a whopping 8 years.  I never loved them, even when I first got them.  These ones, I love.  I better love them, right?

I think the trouble is, I need to start better tracking my Health Savings account money.  Since it comes out of my paycheck before I ever see it, it doesn’t feel like a big hit to spend $200 of it.  However, once it gets to a certain balance, i can cut back on the contributions significantly.  It is, quite obviously, real money, but I haven’t been treating it as such.  Hmmm….

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  1. April 7, 2008 4:07 am

    I need new glasses soon too… I don’t look forward to paying so much for glasses, it sounds like our insurances are about the same, so I’ll probably end up paying a few hundred like you did. (I also use the more expensive lenses, but they are nice) Honestly, I’ve wanted new glasses for a while but the cost has kept me with my old beat-up pair.

    I didn’t realize AAA gave discounts, I’ll definately have to take advantage of that.

  2. June 17, 2010 11:46 am

    My own glasses cost $170 from the place where I get my eyes checked. They’re the same kind of lenses as yours, but the frames are plastic Vera Bradley. (I couldn’t resist going for the “sexy nerd” look.) My doc recommended the lenses because if my glasses were to break and cut my eye, I’d be practically blind. (I have really bad vision.) My insurance covered all of the cost.

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