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My car and I have made things right with the state of California

April 10, 2008

I came to this state in January and have been driving around on my parents insurance with the car registered in my home state.  I’m not certain that my coverage was legit–my dad’s name is on the title and registration with mine, but it is pretty much only my car and I haven’t been a dependent of theirs for almost two years.  I didn’t crash into anyone, so we didn’t find out whether or not the arrangement was legitimate.  Whew.

I got online in January and ran the numbers and proceeded to wait until this past Monday to pull the trigger and pay $505 for six months of coverage (including collision).   My car is probably only worth $3000, so the collision was debatable, but I decided worth it.  I have been stashing some money in short term savings to cover insurance, so this really isn’t a blow, but it still isn’t a fun way to spend half a grand.

My dad ever so kindly took it into the DMV for me, which was a huge help.  The DMVs are open one puny Saturday a month and there aren’t any conveniently located near my workplace.  He got a smog check ($48) and got the new plates and registration ($90) and possibly fixed my taillight (but I think he forgot).  I will, of course, have to pay for this.

My car cost me $643 this month.  Plus gas.  OOOOOUCH.  I really miss living in a city with world class public transportation.  Hong Kong was six months of car free bliss.  And bliss in so many other ways.  It is amazing how much fun I had for so little money, even in a supposedly very expensive city.  Maybe I need to move back, expat life has always appealed to me….

Also, I really really need a hair cut.  I found a place that charges $25 for first time customers (plus $20 if I want them to blow dry it!).  I’m brave and not picky about hair, so I’ll give them a try.  I also have pretty simple straight hair.  I want to dye it back to its natural color as well.  I hope to get out of there for less than $60, but that is unlikely if I get it professionally colored.

Again, I hate this April.  Except for mini-eggs.  And the new episode of the Office on tonight!  And Grey’s later this month!  It isn’t all bad, but this month has been painful on my pocketbook.  (And my knee.  I think I’m self-banned from running and restricted to ellipticals for awhile.)

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  1. April 11, 2008 3:08 am

    It’s probably a good idea to get collision insurance.

    R’s truck was in a hit-and-run accident in the parking lot of our apartment complex, and he didn’t have collision insurance because the truck wasn’t worth much. Luckily the car that hit us left behind large chunks and was also from the apartment complex, so we were able to find the person and the car. (it was a rental and Enterprise was never able to contact the renter (didn’t he return it to them?!) anyways, we got paid from them but the guy still got away without penalty)

    It was a huge ordeal. If we had collision we would have been paid from R’s company and it wouldn’t have been such a hassle.

  2. jay permalink
    April 11, 2008 9:33 am

    Good for you! Took me two years, after driving around somewhat proudly with Virginia tags. You’re lucky, DMV fees are relatively lower right now. Unfortunately your insurance will probably go up, but *whatever*! Collision is only if your car is worth more than your deductible. Otherwise you’re filling the pockets of the insurance co. for no reason. With an older car, if you had to chose, I’d probably opt for robust coverage for injuries, as those can haunt you for the rest of your life (whiplash, someone else’s, from a simple rear ender could push you into bankruptcy). Scarey.
    Keep the deductible high. Also, check how much mileage you actually use per year. Living in a city you may use a lot less than you think; give this info to your insur. co. as this is another good way to save on premiums. Garaging your car helps, too.
    Most reputible insurance companies allow you to change coverage at any point during the year, so don’t hesitate to call & re-evaluate your needs.
    Regarding haircuts, not much luck in SF. There are schools there, and some of the fancier places have trainees (i.e., Sassoon) where you might get a break. You can also agree to be a model/guinea pig at shows, and again Sassoon comes to mind.
    Good Luck.
    –Maybe the happy side of April will be a tax return?!

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