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April Budget Results

April 28, 2008

Last week, I got really excited that I still had almost $40 left to spend on groceries, and i got a bit overzealous with my recipes. Then sunday rolled around, and i had very little “staple” food to eat for my weekday lunches and dinners. Ooops. Also, another ooops, I forgot the baking powder in my banana bread, so it obviously turned out like mush. Can you beleive strawberries were just $1 a pint this weekend??

I could have made it until Thursday (May) without buying more groceries, but I opted for the healthier diet and purchased $16 worth of staples. I’m charging $8 to April and $8 to May. Is that accounting too Enron-like?

I am going to buy gas tonight, but other than that, I’m done shopping, so I’m going to do a budget report today. I want to note that I start the month with a budget, but as things come up, I adjust it as best as possible. If I spend too much on groceries, I cut the clothing budget, or whatever. It isn’t strict budgeting as some people probably like, but I’ve found that it works nicely for me. I have a “Master” target budget, but each month gets adjusted as needed. With that said, here is what my spreadsheet looks like today:

That looks really awful, huh?!? It isn’t good, but it isn’t as bad as it looks. The large “Misc” fund encapsulates most of my computer upgrade (I billed $100 to next month to ease the burden), taxes for the sailing class I’m taking, and other truly miscellaneous stuff. The insurance has almost no effect on my cash flow, as I budeget $105 monthly and had the rest in savings. Utilities is high for a freak start-up reason, and should drop next month. Regardless, I’m excited for a clean slate in May.

I’ m going to wait until Wednesday to punch in my final April net worth. Last time I checked, I still had about a 2k gain, mostly in retirement accounts. Truth be told, I’ll probably update it again Thursday (payday), but that will be May’s initial net worth. Yes, I update it more than once a month!

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  1. April 28, 2008 9:17 pm

    I saw your comment at Alwaystheplanner about not mentioning about your blog to your bf. My husband doesnt know either. (we’ve been together 5yrs) tome to time I feel weird because I want to share with him but at the same time I am liking that it is kind of a my little secret..hmm am i weird?

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