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Gas joke

May 20, 2008

Joke: Last December what did a girl living in a smallish Midwestern city (120,000) estimate her monthly gas expenses would be when she moved to California in January?
Punchline: Sixty dollars a month! (My true average is $140 and rising!)

HA!!!!! How silly!!! I lived just a mile from work and very close to stores/friends. There was no traffic. I also didn’t keep detailed records, but I truly was probably only spending that much if I didn’t make out of town trips (which I did about every other month). Last night I filled up my car and spent $52.

This was my initial 2008 plan, and besides gas, I wasn’t too far off. I forgot some categories (personal, home, gifts) and underestimated a few places, changed my savings priorities and all that. I also modified my budget to be based on 2 paychecks rather than my income/12, since it made more sense. That was the biggest difference.

Anyway, I found it ridiculous/funny that I thought $60/month in gas was reasonable.

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