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Grocery Obsession

June 3, 2008

I refuse to tell you how many groceries stores I’ve been in between Saturday and Monday.

Ok, no, I don’t. Four different Ralph’s (they are everywhere!), Whole Foods once, and (the same) Trader Joe’s twice. That is SEVEN. Am I insane? Obsessed? I actually had a whole little meal plan for the week, complete with expected price and a column to fill in the actual price. I think I over planned! Or at least, failed to follow the plan!

On Saturday I did my typical shop at TJ’s, then went to Ralph’s (very close by) to finish off and get the things TJ’s isn’t good at. I forgot a key ingredient for my dinner, so I went back to an even closer Ralph’s to fix my mistake. Three for Saturday.

Sunday we found ourselves near a Whole Foods, so I took the opportunity to purchase some bulk granola. Later that day, we went to Quizno’s for lunch, and while T was getting our subs, I walked across the street to yet another Ralph’s to pick up some garlic. I swear it was in my basket on my first grocery run, but it didn’t make it on the receipt or in the bag. I think I left it in the basket at checkout by accident. Two for Sunday.

After spending so much time in grocery stores, I found myself looking online at a local food co-op I’m considering visiting later on. An ad for organic quinoa for $1.49/lb caught my eye. I’ve only just heard of quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) within the last few months, but suddenly I needed to try it. I was still obsessed with it by the time work ended yesterday, so I swung into TJ’s on my way home and picked some up.

To finish things off, I spent Monday evening with my dad, since he and my mom will be heading back to the Midwest within a week or so. We walked along the beach with his dog and had a dinner near their apartment. He drove me home, but wanted to stop at Ralph’s on the way home. I agreed, and picked up a few apples and a pastry sheet, planning on attempting my first tart sometime in the near future. So, two stores for Monday.

Whew! Now I have more food than I could possibly eat in a week (good thing too!) and have been to more grocery stores than anyone ever needs to go to in a 3 day span. Thus, I am hear-by banning myself from grocery shopping until Monday, June 16th or later! (Except if I run out of yogurt, I’m allowed to buy one of those. Or if T and I decided to share some beer/wine one evening. That’s it though, no other exceptions!) Writing this up only makes me see the utter craziness, and the craziness needs to stop!

However, at least I have some fantastic food coming up! Not only do I have a lot of new ingredients, I have plenty of rice, pasta and other staples, so I should be just fine until at least the middle of this month.

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  1. June 3, 2008 1:52 pm

    I think you have a serious problem! 🙂

    I hate grocery shopping….move near me and do my shopping for me….please!

  2. June 3, 2008 2:10 pm

    ha, no thanks! I don’t like the shopping part, but I do like the cooking part.

    But to be fair, most of those trips were for like… 1 or 2 items. Or maybe that is more a “what NOT to do” when shopping.


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