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Keeping busy for free (in L.A.)

June 24, 2008

This is probably old hat to long time Los Angeles residents, but T and I recently decided we’d start actually taking flyers from people who always were offering them to us in Santa Monica (and elsewhere, but we often stop by the farmer’s market on weekends) for free movie screenings. We’d always ignored them before, but why? Since I moved here, I’ve only been to one move (Sex and the City) because it is just too dang expensive.

It seems they are only weeknights, but the locations aren’t all that far (especially from T‘s) and we might even get popcorn while we watch. Has anyone ever gone to one of these? Tonight, we are going to a screening of Will Ferrell’s upcoming movie, Step Brothers. I also have a flyer for a Thursday night showing of Mama Mia, but haven’t RSVP’ed. Free, except the ever increasing price of gas!

I want to explore the rest of the city a little bit, so I found these podcasts which I hope will guide us through downtown L.A. one of these weekends when the temperature is a little cooler. (I’m a podcast nerd.) This past weekend, it was so hot we just chilled at the beach/pool. I even went into the ocean, and the water felt comfortable! At the recommendation of a reader, I also plan to check out the Griffith Observatory in the near future, and I want to see the modern art area at the LACMA (pay what you wish after 5 pm). My rent may have close to tripped when I moved from the midwest to L.A., but this is a great place for twenty-something to have a great time (even if I don’t go out to the clubs much)!

P.S. – Thanks for the bra tips one post back! I’m totally clueless on that sort of thing, and I appreciate the suggestions. Macy’s it is (at least to start)!

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  1. June 24, 2008 2:58 pm

    I need to do something like this for San Diego, where I live! Great idea. (I also like the idea of “vacationing” in one’s own town.) Thanks for adding me to your pf blog list, too! 🙂

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