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How I lost my (Craigslist) virginity and broke my budget

June 30, 2008

I had a nice little plan on how I’d ride out the last few days of my budget. Oh plans!

Unfortunately, my plan didn’t include boogie boards. Now, I’m not really an avid boogie boarder or anything. To be clear, I’ve really only been swimming in the ocean a handful of times in my previously land locked life. However, since I moved to California, I have been going more, and I hope the trend continues. Now that the summer heat has settled in, I can go into the waves without my toes freezing off. It’s a treat.

Last weekend, we played in the waves for awhile, and later found ourselves at some overpriced sports shop eyeing boogie boards. We didn’t purchase, because the only ones I deemed to be a “reasonable” price were obviously crap. T thought we should just get one higher quality one and share between the two of us. Frugal, but not as fun. I said we should just wait and see if we could find a better deal elsewhere.

We did. I found two boogie boards on Craigslist, one white and one pink, for $25 each. Looking up the models, they weren’t high end (maybe $50 new), but totally satisfactory for us to start playing with. I phoned the seller and arranged pick-up for later that evening.

The location was a little further than expected, since I had filtered my search to be relatively close locations. Since we were using my car (and my gas) I paid just $20 (and bought us In-N-Out for dinner), and T paid $30. It wasn’t as sketchy as I had imagined craigslist to be. The couple was young, friendly, in the middle of moving, and had a cute tiny baby. We made some chit chat, handed them the cash., and walked away with two boogie boards and smiles on our faces. It was really easy and we couldn’t have gotten the same quality buying new.

So, that means that of my $39 left, I spent $27. Except that on Thursday, in leiu of going out with friends (they didn’t get out to the bar until too late for this working gal), we went out to Mexican for $21. Really, that is only a few more than I’d planned to spend going out, but still, it wasn’t necessary. I think I had a few dollars left from another month in my entertainment fund, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. I haven’t balanced the books yet.

On top of that, we spent another $5.50 yesterday (saturday), but it was $5 well spent. In fact, I think that adventure deserves a post of it’s own. I’m ending the month $16 over budget, yet again. Not horrible, not great.

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  1. June 30, 2008 9:01 pm

    Boogie boarding is a blast! My roommates recently purchased kayaks – I’ve never done it but I am going out with them this weekend so it should be fun. They bought their kayaks on CL too; we buy a lot of stuff from there & always find great deals!! 🙂

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