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August 21, 2008

This won’t be an entertaining story, as nothing entertaining happened related to personal finance. That is, nothing entertaining that I feel like sharing on a blog!

Our first day in Vegas we were going about seeing the hotels. We had discovered the night before that even though two hotels may be right next to each other, they could still be a 20+ minute walk due to them being absolutely GIANT. We opted to take my car, due to the heat. If we didn’t have the car, we probably would have taken the shuttle.

We drove to New York New York to ride the roller coaster, but opted out when we discovered it was $14 (well, I knew this and already planned on not going). We decided the rides at the Stratosphere tower would be much coooler (and they were! Go at night!). We toured around a bit, then walked back to the parking garage, where we discovered my passengers side front tire was completely FLAT!

Oh, remember how I got my tire repaired a few weeks ago? Same tire! The repair had failed (probably due to the extreme heat + long car trip)! I offered to call AAA (still under my parents), but the boys said that was silly and put on my spare for me.

I used my trusty GPS to locate a tire fixing place, and called the number to verify the location and hours. You wouldn’t beleive how many times I’ve showed up at an address to a place that had moved or closed, especially restaurants. (Life lesson? Remember GPS maps are often a couple years old and verify that places still exist.) They said to come on over, and they immediately recommended a new tire, due to the location of the nail hole.

Being me, I had no clue what tires cost, but they told me it would be $80 for tire and installation. I asked T if I should get a second tire, so I don’t have one new tire and 3 older ones, but he said no. Turns out the store only had one matching tire anyway, so we bought it.

It makes me annoyed that I paid $17 last month to repair a nail hole, when I could have just got the new tire then. However, it makes me glad that the flat happened in the parking lot, not while we were driving through the Arizona desert miles from anywhere that would fix the tire.

Personal finance lesson? When it comes to tires, be sure to ask whether or not the repair actually is the best option. My car fund is really pathetic, considering it isn’t just for repairs, but also for (someday) a new car. I don’t think $300 is going to go far. As soon as the year is over, I need to reevaluate that goal.

Ok, one more story! The second night at the grand canyon, there was a huge storm. You might have heard of hikers in the Canyon being airlifted out! That was not us, we were on the rim. I say I miss midwestern thunderstorms, but not when I’m in a tent! At one point, when the storm was at its heaviest, a bolt hit somewhat nearby, and T exclaimed “Woah! Did you see that!” From under my sleeping bag, I replied, “No! I’m hiding!!” We moved to the car when the rain tapered, and another round of lightening came and went. We awoke to an incredibly muddy campsite, but our tent kept us nice and dry. Did you know that there are monsoons in the middle of the desert? I didn’t either!

Personal finance lesson? A $50 tent can keep you dry! (We did have a tarp on the ground to help.) With that in mind, we are still shopping for a nice 4 season lightweight backpacking tent.

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  1. August 21, 2008 10:36 am

    Sounds like a cool trip!

    I had been meaning to ask if you were at the Grand Canyon those days, lol. I figured if you HAD been, you’d blog about it sooner or later, (plus I figured you weren’t one of the missing ones when you posted earlier this week, haha).

  2. August 21, 2008 8:54 pm

    Glad you had fun! Makes me want to go camping – and to Vegas! 🙂

  3. August 21, 2008 10:19 pm

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Welcome back!

  4. August 22, 2008 3:56 pm

    This sounds so neat!

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