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Vacation spending report – overdue!

September 9, 2008

I went on vacation last month, and never got around to posting this spending report.  I finished it not that long after we got back.  here it is, for 2 nights in Vegas, 3 nights at the grand canyon.  (Oh, and we did total fake camping at the Grand Canyon and ate lunch at a diner in the town near by!)

Item Budget Actual Notes
Gas $135 $84 Way underestimated my milage (highway driving), over estimated price
Food $150 $66 Surprisingly low.  I’m surprised, but happy.  Did I miscalculate?
Gambling $50 $0 Didn’t have time to gamble!
Show $55 $86 Decided to go to a different show
Statosphere tower+rides $20 $25 Highly recommended!
NY, NY roller coaster $14 $0 Opted out
Fun/drinks/clubs $75 $75 Yikes! One night out, 1 bottle grey goose, poolside drinks
Misc $50 $42 Cab rides, tips, showers at campsite, and $20 lost to abyss
Park fee $0 $25 Knew about this, forget to budget it
Paid earlier
Hotel $100 $100 My half, 2 nights at Monte Carlo
Campsite $27 $27 My half, 3 nights
Total $676 $540 Nice!

This doesn’t include my sleeping bag or any other camping related stuff, but that is a whole other (crazy) budget.

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