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Improving my Time Management

October 13, 2008

I joined a second class for my MS degree Friday and did the first homework Friday night. (T helped a lot.  Thanks!)  I’m about six lectures (two weeks) behind and the next homework is already due Wednesday.  Eeek!  I wish I would have signed up for both right away, but I didn’t know it was allowed until mid-week last week.  Many full time students only take two courses a quarter (and do research), but one of mine is really quite basic.

Regardless, I’m going need to be strict with my time management to get through the semester.  Can you believe I just joined a class last week, and I’ll be taking the final December 13th?  My job is also going to be stressful through at least December, because I’m doing things I just don’t know how to do (yet).  My mode of operation for the past month has been “survive”, but I need to start moving towards “thrive”.

Here’s my new ideal schedule for maximum productivity:

Monday through Fridays:
6:15 -Get up (without hitting snooze!)
7:15 – Out the door
7:30 – Arrive at work (about 30 minutes earlier than my schedule has been lately)
12:00 – Half hour for lunch
4:00 – Leave work (work late as needed)
4:15 – Arrive home, run, shower (Mon, Tues, Thurs), drive to T‘s (Wednesday), watch a lecture (Friday)
5:30 – Dinner (plus prepare extra for lunch)
6:00 – 9/9:30 Watch lectures, homework as needed (mon-thurs)
9/9:30 – 10:00 Relax, get ready for bed (watch Grey’s Anatomy…)
10:00 – Bed!

9:00 – Run, Shower
10:00 – 4:00 Homework (get next week’s assignments as complete as possible)

9:00 – 1:00 Homework, studying, lecture
Afternoon:  Groceries, cooking, etc.

I’ve been visiting T a couple times a week the past few weeks, but that doesn’t seem possible for the next few weeks.  I’ll still visit on Wednesdays, but I expect both of us to be working for the evening. He’ll come over on Fridays, as usual.  He plans on having a busy semester too, so we’ll both be working.

This doesn’t really allow for stupid errands (such as going to the DMV before work and discovering it is closed for Columbus day).  Blogging is usually done over lunch break or before bed, so we’ll see.  I was posting pretty much daily in the summer, but now it’s more sporadic (and I credit my use of the word sporadic to the movie Clueless).  I often read blogs and blog before work, but maybe that is not a good habit.

I left Sunday afternoon open (I do think grocery shopping is kind of fun!), but it would also be fine to take the morning off and work Sunday night.  During really busy weeks, maybe relaxing will have to be cut!   I can also cut Tuesday’s run and still get in 3 times a week.  That sounds ridiculously boring, but at least it is only for 2 months.

Of course, this is flexible, and I’m really hoping that there is more free time than this ideal schedule implies.  At least I won’t have time to spend any money!

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  1. October 14, 2008 6:38 am

    WOW! Your schedule is really jammed pack. I frequently write up daily schedules in my moleskine, but I usually blow them off…sleep in, sit around and do nothing…

  2. October 14, 2008 7:04 am

    @Saving Diva – Well, this is worst case scenario. I hope that I’ll have more time than it implies. And this is “ideal”, the actual schedule I’m sure is more like yours. 🙂

  3. October 14, 2008 4:08 pm

    I like to plan out my days. I’m pretty good about getting schoolwork in, but unfortunately, everything else falls by the wayside – usually cooking/working out. I figure if I have to gain 5lbs to get a 4.0, it’s worth it!

  4. October 14, 2008 4:25 pm

    @PA – Personally, I’m not planning on going for a PhD so a 4.0 isn’t that high of a priority. Now, 3.5 or so, yeah, but if it kills me to get a 4.0, than I simply… won’t. Which is a much different attitude than I had in undergrad.

    I’m hoping that it won’t kill me (figuratively), and that I can get a 4.0, but I’ll just have to see.

    Also, in theory, working out energizes me and helps me get more done. But that is all theory. 🙂 I’ve been skipping it a lot too, so good-bye muscles. Food I just end up eating cereal a lot. Whatever.

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