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Weekend Spending Report

October 13, 2008

The weekend wasn’t as productive as I had hoped, but it was a pretty good weekend anyway.  I spent some money, but nothing too crazy.

  • Food for a beach picnic:  $7 (cold and windy, so the picnic was short and converted to a balcony dinner)
  • Fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s:  $7
  • Vase (my old ones didn’t make the move):  $8
  • Poker night snacks (we made spinach artichoke dip):  $10
  • Poker night buy in:  $5 (I lost)
  • Latte (shared):  $3
  • Prescription:  $55, pre-tax
  • Hairbrush (my family accidentally took mine), woman supplies, conditioner, thread: $25

I wanted, but did not buy, new mascara and new nail polish.  I wanted/needed, and attempted to buy a new wristlet, but did not find the perfect one, so I didn’t buy.

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