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“When we live together”

November 17, 2008

“When we live together” is sort of a code for “when I don’t feel so broke”.  Of course, we aren’t planning to live together just to save money–we could each get individual roommates to do that.  But the perk is there.  We’ll have much much better cash flow once we get settled in together.

It isn’t that we are literally broke.  We are both able to easily make rent, and I’m able to do what I consider the bare minimum for my retirement savings, and we both have some amount of cash savings, and those numbers are increasing.  I just think we both would like to be saving significantly more than we actually are.  So we constantly debate whether to spend money on things.  When there is something I want to do, but can’t justify the cost, I say, “well, maybe when we live together, we can do it.”

Things on this list (in my head) include weekend surfing lessons, a real international vacation (latest dream, Egypt, but realistically, probably something less expensive), a cleaning person to come in and scrub the bathroom, going to the movies every now and then, going out more often, buying a nicer bottle of wine occasionally, a newer car (just starting a fund for one!)…   Some pf bloggers call this lifestyle inflation.

Saving will always be important to both of us.  High on my list of things to do “when we live together” is start maxing T’s Roth IRA, increase my 401k to 10%,start a house fund, and start saving for some “major” travel when he’s done with school.  (I guess saving for travel is saving to spend, but still.)  I just think that we could use a little balance, a little bit more spending in certain areas.

I think this is especially challenging for me, as I spent almost 2 years living in a much cheaper area making a grown-up wage.  While I never spent a lot, I never had to be as frugal as I’m being now.  It is something I’m doing in order to provide myself with more financial security.  It is a high priority to me, so I’m doing it.  But I think it sucks

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  1. November 18, 2008 9:25 am

    Ha ha!

    I was just thinking that the other day, how “when we live together” is code for so much more than what it actually says.

    For Peanut and I, “when we live together” will mean he can go crazy on his student loans (~$50k) and pay them off maybe a year earlier. Then we’ll pay off mine (~$12k–I’ll still be in school when we move in together). Then we’ll start saving like crazy–one goal we’ve talked about is buying an apartment in NYC (with a $50,000 downpayment) in 3-4 years. So all told, our combined income and lowered expenses will mean we can pay off $62,000 in debt and save $50,000 in less than five years. And I also want to up my clothing budget!

  2. Bonnie permalink
    November 18, 2008 11:49 am

    My friend Anne always says “Two can live as cheaply as one.” All I know is, when I lived with my ex-boyfriend, I got rid of my debt and was able to save money–while making considerably less money than I do now. Now I have lived alone for years and have the debt and lack of savings to show for it. So I think finance is definitely a consideration when thinking of moving in with someone.

  3. November 19, 2008 10:58 am

    Being too frugal always sucks.

    Living with someone really helped me lower my costs though. And to boot, I get my feet warmed at night by his warm butt.

  4. November 19, 2008 12:08 pm

    Yeah. There is no debate over whether we’ll save a ton of money. We will, it is a fact….

    And more than that, I won’t have to bring him home on Sunday nights! 🙂

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