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Christmas travel costs

December 6, 2008

Christmas travel costs:

  • $47.50 – Fee to change ticket from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday night.  Worth it, because it means I don’t have to go into work next Sunday (after spending all day Saturday taking finals).  But, if I so feel motivated, I can work Sunday and save vacation hours. (already paid)
  • $10 – frequent flier mile ticket (already paid)
  • $13 – Cab ride from my apartment to the airport (this is what it cost last time)
  • $15 – to check my bag one way.  (My fare class is different on the way home, and I won’t be charged.  I don’t think.)
  • $20  – Cab ride to my sister’s since I’m getting in at about midnight (estimated)
  • $22 – Cab ride from LAX to my apartment.  It is more expensive to go FROM the airport because they tack on fees.  Might take the bus.

I’ve had my nose burried in my school notes all morning, and I need to keep going with that, but I am really really excited to go home and relax for awhile…. By the way, I have SIX hours of final exams next Saturday, so please pity me.  Thanks!

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