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Saturdays Around L.A.: Wildflowers in Anza Borrego

March 10, 2009

It turns out Miss M and I were both at the same state park on the same weekend!  We had been planning to go out for a couple weeks, and last weekend not only fit with  my schedule, but with the wildflowers schedule.  Two friends tagged along, and neither had ever heard of Anza-Borrego State Park.  I hadn’t either until T decided we’d go there, but it is a huge park and I think it must be well known in the wildflower crowd.


My favorite hiking site recently profiled two hikes in the area, so check it out if you plan on going.  We hiked the pictograph trail, and also drove on the sandy unpaved roads (in my two wheel drive sedan, ha!) and checked out the wind caves and see the “elephant knees”.


The whole trip was a bit weird, because there is a bunch of short little < 2 mile hikes, and we didn’t get in any serious hiking (could of, had we been prepared to go off trail).  There was a nice 6 mile hike, but we opted to get home a little earlier Sunday rather than conquering it.  We had boring stuff to do, and two friends along–I couldn’t gauged their interest level in doing some serious hiking.  On the way home, the hills we drove past were spotted with orange, and I bet in a few days, they will be covered.

frost1We were expecting the weather to be about 45 degrees at night ( said so!), but I’m pretty sure it was in the high 20s in the valley we chose.  My sleeping bag is “rated” to 30 degrees and I had  “adds 10 degrees” liner… that was a lie.  T traded with me (under the assumption I was being a wuss), and froze.  We both crammed into his larger bag in the morning for awhile, but sleep obviously was not possible.  Anyway, looks like I’m going to retire this bag a summer-only and pick out a fancy new 3-season down bag rated to at least 15 or 20.  Buying gear is so much fun, but I’m going to hold off for a little while to really know what I want.  See the frost on our tent?  Brrr!

Gas: $35 or so, minus $20 chipped in by friend.  So, $15.
Food:  $20, but we didn’t eat it all.  Plus In-n-Out, so $28
Map:  $8
Camping/Park fees:  None, free to camp wherever you want!
Decision to get a new sleeping bag:   $$$$
Total: $51 (+ $$$)

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  1. March 11, 2009 6:04 am

    Brrr, I’m glad we didn’t camp! Frost on the tent is a little much for me, I’m miserable below 50. Yeah I’m a wuss.

    It looks like you got some nice pictures too, Mr M was obsessed with taking pics. I like hiking but Mr M has bad knees and can’t go very far, so 1-2 miles would be the longest we’d do. Plus I’m sure the dogs would be all gung-ho at the start and wear themselves out really quickly, I can’t carry a 25 lb dog for long (yes they’ve been known to lay down and refuse to budge once they’re tired).

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