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March Goals Results, April Goals 2009

April 1, 2009

Halfway through March, I was feeling overwhelmed, and I canceled my efforts on a couple of my goals.  Those are crossed out (and failed).

March Goals

  1. Apply for new passport. Fail
  2. Run 2-3 times a weekFail.  Between the weather and finals week and… stuff…  I didn’t do much running.  But we did conquer Mt Lukens!
  3. Sign up for a 5k Fail.  I decided it is not a priority.  There weren’t any I wanted to do, but I didn’t try that hard to find something suitable.
  4. Cook 2 new thingsFail. Unless you count cooking a new variety of a frozen TJ’s dinner, which I don’t.
  5. Do not eat out more than once per weekend/week. Pass (vacation was excluded…)
  6. Adjust budget based on new pay. Pass .
  7. Final examPass.  This is my highlight of the month.  I’ll admit right now the class wasn’t hard, but I got 100% on the final, which is so third grade.  I got a gold star too.  (just kidding.  But I did get an A in the class.)
  8. Discuss possible future assignments with manager again. Pass, but it still a slow process.  He really couldn’t give me a good answer on the timeline, but did mention “summer”.
  9. Do better at stepping up on this task at workPass.  I think.  This is not a very measurable goal!
  10. Save $50 in Misc fundPass

Net Worth Report
For once the market didn’t destroy my savings progress. Between cash and retirement accounts, I’m putting away a fair amount each month, yet my net worth hasn’t really budged for a year.  Intellectually I’m ok with that, but a month like this makes my net worth reports much better.   Anyway, my net worth increased from $23,312 (i think — i screwed up last months report and did my best to recreate it) to $28,261. I think this is just a rally and that overall the market is still going down.  But what do I know?

April Goals
I need to be careful on these, because I have a feeling apartment hunting is going to take over my life this month!

1.  Spring chores:
Activate new Amex card and link up my miles accounts.  (I got a new card for the free miles.)  Cancel old Citi card that I don’t use/need.  Schedule dentist appointment.  Get passport photo taken.  Update blogroll.  Donate old clothes that are already boxed up.  Get jacket tailored.  [These have nothing to do with spring, I just wanted to lump all this crap together in one big goal.]

2.  Run
2-3 times a week, as usual.  I like to say I’m oh-so-busy, but really.  Two times a week is not that hard.

3.  Overnight camping trip
with our new sleeping bags.  🙂  🙂

4.  No new clothes. I’ve failed at this every month I’ve tried it — there is always something small to get.  But I will try again.  Paranoid Asteroid mentioned this secret:  Don’t look at the sale sections. How brilliant.  I’m so rarely tempted to buy full price.  Exceptions allowed for socks, underwear, and belt.

5.  Try out 1 class at this studio I found. They have some fun little dance classes, and even though my coordination is a bit pitiful, it might be fun.  There is also yoga if I’m feeling too scared of dance.  I wanted to try 2 classes, but let’s make this a reasonable goal to start with.

6.  Find a perfect apartmentNon-negotiable: parking, good location (we have a fairly large area, but I’m trying to avoid commuter hell), under $1500 MAXIMUM, separated bedroom and living area, real kitchen (no “hot plate only”).  Ideal:  Under $1300, hard wood floors, easy beach access, balcony, dishwasher, claw foot bathtub (don’t ask), spacious, tiny commute.

Obviously everything on the ideal list won’t happen in once (not for our budget, at least), but the initial searches are looking good for hitting several of the points.

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  1. April 1, 2009 12:24 pm

    I was going to have a no new clothes month, but hten I started adding on exceptions: new workout clothes, stuff for the wedding, birthday money. Then I just said screw it!

    The sale sections are key – nothing makes my rabid shopper come out like the idea that something won’t be there if I decide to pass!

  2. Bonnie permalink
    April 2, 2009 6:59 am

    That’s funny, because based on my past experience, a claw-foot tub is a negative for me. To each her own, right? 🙂 Congrats on all of the Passes, and good luck with the apartment search!

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