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May Goals

April 30, 2009

I thought about skipping goals this month.  I’ve obviously been ignoring them and focusing on things as they come up.  I haven’t been as organized and planned out as I would like.  But I still should try to do better, even though life has been a bit crazy lately.

Personal Finance
:  This has kind of been on autopilot now that I’ve been using my budgeting system for so long.  But for the record:

  • I’m suspending Roth IRA for now, and only saving 8% in my 401k
  • $550 to the Efund, $325 to the car fund (more on that later), various amounts in “short term savings” per normal budget
  • Post rough meal plans every weekend for the next week.  Hopefully this will prevent the HUGE failures I had in the food department in April.

School: I need to be more focused and productive with this!

  • Two quizzes this month!  Get at least 8/10 on each.   I’m setting the bar a little lower, but it is possible this will be a challenge
  • Dedicate more time to studying — and get new notebook/binder all organized up.
  • Visit professor’s Saturday office hour at least once, if not twice.  Not only will this be useful, but I’d like to get on the radar of some professors so I can ask them to supervise my Master’s project.

Wedding: Oh boy.  Here we go.

  • Come up with a rough wedding plan (month & location) & initial budget projections, and get families on board
  • Buy dress?  Or at least, look at and try on dresses.  I’m going home to shop with my mom and sisters and hopefully score a better (and tax free) deal than I could here.  And just to visit.

Fitness and Fun:

  • Run!  2x a week!  I can do this! (and it’ll probably help me chill out)
  • Bike 1x a week.  This isn’t exactly fitness because I don’t intend to do anything hardcore, just leisurely bike rides around the area.
  • Camping trip (if T plans it).   Or just a Saturday hike if things are hectic (like usual).
  • Make a decision about an morning Yoga class for summer and see whether or not T was serious about taking salsa dancing with me (I swear I’m not copying you Wellheeled!)
  • Check out REI’s free bike maintenance class
  • Plan some sort of gathering at our new apartment (might not happen until June)
  • Make a tentative Catalina trip plan (assuming I am not laid off)


  • Bite my nails anxiously, hope I don’t get laid off.  Oh, and apply for at least two external jobs that are a good fit, regardless of layoff status, preferably early on in the month.  Just in case.
  • Expand on list of other potential companies and contacts.
  • Try not to lose my mind with useless worry. Keep telling myself “It will be OK.  No matter what happens, I can handle it.”  Over and over.

Chores, mostly a redo of last month: Cancel old Citi card that I don’t use/need.  Schedule dentist appointment.  Get passport photo taken. (No seriously, do it!)  Update blogroll.  Donate old clothes that are already boxed up (and now already in my trunk!).  Transfer prescription to Rite Aid and get $25 gift card.

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