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Because I’m not feeling inspired…

May 4, 2009

Here’s a weekend spending report:

$10Digital Converter box (after coupon), because they took away my free cable and I now use rabbit ears, old-school style.  We did discover we’ll need a bit more fancy antenna (with amplification) to get all the channels… So we’ll see if we do that or not.

$10Half of a new low flow shower head, which we can’t figure out how to install on our very old fixture.  We’re going to call our apartment office and see if they will send out their handy-man to do it for us.   I hope so — it is low-flow and we are in a drought here!   Our current shower head practically knocks me over when I turn it on full blast.  My motivations aren’t that selfless — we just wanted a massaging shower head!

$40 – My half of a big bunch of groceries.  We haven’t been sharing groceries in L.A., but when we sort of (unofficially) lived together other summers, we would just shop together and split down the middle.  It works well, so we’ll do that for now.  We’re sort of playing this stuff by ear.  We did some meal planning and cooking this weekend, so it should be easier than last month.  I hope.  I’m still getting used to how quickly things vanish when two are eating them every single day.  I need to buy milk by the gallon for the first time in my life!

$20 – Happy hour with T.  I had one beer, he had two, we shared nachos.  It could have been even cheaper, but one beer wasn’t included in happy hour and was $8.50!  Whoops.

$13 – Sunglasses.  I have some, but they aren’t good for sporty stuff (running, biking and hiking).  These ones are sportier and were on sale.

$44 – Bike lock.
Sheesh, compared to the price of my bike, this was a bit pricey.  But it should work even if I ever decide to be a serious biker and upgrade bikes someday (no time soon).

$3 – Chocolate Coconut croissant at a local bakery we stopped at while biking around.

I didn’t get any clothes last month — I’m itching for some new dress clothes for work.  I expect to be doing (somewhat informal) internal interviews as soon as this week, and I’d like something stylish and professional to show up in.  I have that pencil skirt, but I could use some better shoes and a top that I love.  We’ll see…

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