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May 8, 2009

Things at work are weird.

It is hard to explain without too many details, but basically the work I’m doing every day is most likely going to be put on a shelf and never looked at again when I’m done with it.  Quite unmotivating!  Also, no one knows for certain exactly what date we are supposed to be “done”, so we don’t know how far we have to take this task, and the direction is to “finish something”. But one thing is certain — by July, I better be working on something else, or I’ll get stuck on overhead (or laid off).

I was quite panicky for awhile as things were moving at the usual corporate pace (SLOW) and I had no idea if there were  opportunities for me.  Then in a span of two days, I had two “interview/discussions” about things I might switch to this summer.  I hope one works out, particularly the one that doesn’t increase my commute.  It also sounds like interesting work which would fit quite nicely into my little career plan.

I’m overdue for a “promotion” (promotion is basically just a small title change and salary band change), but recognize now isn’t really the time to be pushing for it.  I got a fairly good raise, but it is somewhat insulting to still be classified as entry level when I’m quite obviously not doing entry level work.  The promotion has been promised for “this year” (my manager said in December), and it comes with a raise.  But first, I should make sure I have a job to do before I should even start to worry about this.  I think my manager thinkin is along the same lines — let’s get everyone assigned, then worry about the other details.

I am not confident enough to start investing in my Roth IRA just yet, but I did (again) increase my 401k from 8% to 10%.  I keep wavering on that.

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  1. May 8, 2009 9:55 am

    It’s definatly stressfull trying to figure out your place, and negotiating wage and promotions during times like these. I’m in a similar place however; I’ve been moved into a whole new role already – with no talk of pay change. That said, my manager said we could ‘address’ it in October. So – 6 months to go.

  2. May 11, 2009 12:24 pm

    I’d never realized how de-motivating it was to feel like your work wasn’t going to mean anything once you finished it.

    As close as July seems, there’s still a good amount of time left for you to get that next project. Got my fingers crossed for you!

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