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Sidebars and Networth IQ updated

May 29, 2009

It took nearly a full year to break out of the $20k net worth range.  This month, I shot up to $36,019, mostly due to the stock market continuing not to fall off a cliff.  It was frustrating to dump money into the market only to see my balance decline, but that money was poised for growth. And now it is growing.   Is this rally here to stay?  Many say “no”, but most say “who knows?

Somehow my cash increased by quite a large sum this month.  My numbers aren’t adding up (and they are adding up wrong for the better), but last month they were lower than I thought.  I’ll have to look into what is going on, but hey, I like it!

I updated my sidebars.  The wedding fund stands at almost $1800.   I mentioned I could complete that savings goal by October, then move onto the honeymoon fund (some of which can come from the regular travel budget), then revive the car fund.  I suppose when that is done, I’ll increase retirement a little, but keep saving cash.  Ultimately for a home (I’m not currently interested in home ownership, but I assume I will be someday) or a move abroad, or whatever.

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  1. May 30, 2009 4:28 pm

    You must be doing something right! That’s quite the spike in your net worth. 🙂

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