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June Goals

May 31, 2009

I need to prioritize.  And face the fact that until I’m done with my M.S., I really can’t do everything I would like to do.   I plan to simplify my goals because of this, in hopes of having more success.

But… Once I take my final exam on June 6th, I have two weeks off, and my next class is supposedly a little less time consuming.  So June isn’t the month to be lazy on goals.  Maybe July?

  • Run 3+ times a week (after June 6) and sign up for a 5k FOR REAL.  I have one picked out.  I’m sure my time will be laughable, but that isn’t the point.  I’m giving myself a pass this first week  — I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed/stressed.
  • Yoga 5 times.  This isn’t much, but it is like a 500% increase over last month.
  • Finish out the quarter strong. I want an A, of course, but I’ve realized my life will be totally fine (probably almost exactly the same) if I end up with a B.  So, we’ll see.  Best effort.
  • Take care of stupid chores that I leave hanging over my head for months and months, some of which take just a few minutes:  Schedule dentist appointment.  Get replacement passport taken care of.  Update blogroll.  Return Target shorts that are gray, not black.  Submit grade to work and fill out voucher for next class.
  • Plan out our trips and hikes for this summer. We’ll never do them if we don’t plan them.  Catalina, Big Sur, Mt. Baldy…. whatever.  We need to get some plans firmed up!
  • Book a location to have our reception.   I think we can do this.  I found a restaurant, and I have a couple other options in mind.
  • Save: $600 towards Wedding Fund, $250 towards Travel Fund, $50 towards Roth IRA.  (These amounts may be shifted — the Roth IRA will increase once layoff notices are out.  And I don’t get one.)
  • Start one new book. Yeah, this is sad that I have to make it a goal.   I’d like to use some of my free time to read.
  • Pamper (and budget accordingly):  I am really bad about doing this kind of stuff, but I really would like a mani/pedi (~$30 something at a nearby place with great reviews).  I also need a haircut.  I’m thinking of trying a salon (again) because I really would like to find someone I can trust to do my hair next year for the wedding.  Yeah, I know, I have a long time, but I don’t cut my hair as often as  I should.  So, trials begin now!  That’ll cost upwards of $60.

I think that is enough!

I usually combine my goal results, networth, and new goals into one post, but I’ve been light on the writing anyway.  Oh, I updated my net worth again after I figured out I had about $700 in my regular cash accounts that belonged in my short term savings, which I typically don’t count since it is money saved to be spent.  It still was a banner month.  Thanks S&P 500!

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  1. June 1, 2009 4:08 pm

    Making more time for reading isn’t sad, it’s good brain food. It’s good for your attention span, and … learning new words …. I don’t know. But as a rule, I must firmly stand up for the reading.

  2. June 1, 2009 4:17 pm

    What i meant was… it is sad that I actually had to put “Read a book” on my goals, as I used to read without it having to go on a list of things to do!!

    But I see now I worded that sentence poorly.

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