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May Goal Results

May 31, 2009

Oh brother.  Goals?  What?  I have goals?   Another hectic month in which goals were not a high priority.  And I wrote a lot of them!

Personal Finance

  • I’m suspending Roth IRA for now, and only saving 8% in my 401k. Success.  I felt confident enough to go back to 10% in my 401k, but still on a Roth IRA hiatus.
  • $550 to the Efund, $325 to the car fund (more on that later), various amounts in “short term savings” per normal budget Success, though car fund became the wedding fund–there was $875 saved.
  • Post rough meal plans every weekend for the next week. Fail, but… I did not post these, but we did plan out meals every week except the last one (because I went out of town for the weekend).  It wasn’t official meal plans, just a list of potential things we could make, and bought ingredients for them.  Which is far better than we did last month.


  • Two quizzes this month! Get at least 8/10 on each. Fail?  I got a 10/10 on the first one!  He still hasn’t posted scores for the second one, but I probably didn’t do so well.  I’m thinking a 7.
  • Dedicate more time to studying — and get new notebook/binder all organized up. Success?  I still could improve though.
  • Visit professor’s Saturday office hour at least once, if not twice. Fail.  None.  At all.


  • Come up with a rough wedding plan (month & location) & initial budget projections, and get families on board Success We have tentatively chosen April and have figured out roughly what we want to do.  Budget is still rough, but I posted a preliminary stuff one and made some adjustments based on all your helpful comments!.
  • Buy dress?  Or at least, look at and try on dresses. Success!

Fitness and Fun:

  • Run!  2x a week! Fail. Probably closer to 1x a week, which is…pathetic.
  • Bike 1x a week. Yes, though mostly very short rides!
  • Camping trip (if T plans it).   Fail.  Too busy, no one bothered to plan anything.
  • Make a decision about an morning Yoga class for summer and see whether or not T was serious about taking salsa dancing with me. Fail.  I tried, but online registration wasn’t workin and they don’t start for awhile.
  • Check out REI’s free bike maintenance class.  Fail.  Rather, just decided not to.
  • Plan some sort of gathering at our new apartment: Success?  We did have some friends over, but either one at a time or in couples.  But I was kinda thinking more of a party.
  • Make a tentative Catalina trip plan. Fail, though I printed the schedule and company discount coupon.


  • Bite my nails anxiously, hope I don’t get laid off.  Oh, and apply for at least two external jobs that are a good fit, regardless of layoff status, preferably early on in the month. Success.  I jumped the gun on applying to external positions, since I do want to stay here and probably can.  I applied to 2 jobs before my manager started giving me enough information that I felt confident that I’d be staying.  I got a phone call for an interview, but declined and decided to NOT apply for awhile.
  • Expand on list of other potential companies and contacts. Fail. I skipped this, as an internal position is looking better.
  • Try not to lose my mind with useless worry. Success.  I stopped worrying about my job so much.  Things might work out really well for a transition to a position that is a great long term fit for me, better than my current assignment.  They aren’t set in stone,  but it seems very probable.

Chores, mostly a redo of last month: Cancel old Citi card that I don’t use/need.  Schedule dentist appointment.  Get passport photo taken.   Update blogroll.  Donate old clothes that are already boxed up (and now already in my trunk!)Transfer prescription to Rite Aid and get $25 gift card. Fail, mostly. But canceling my old CC’s has been on my to-do list for almost a year, so I’m glad I finally did that.

Hopefully next month, it will look more like St Patrick’s day, less like Christmas.

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  1. thia permalink
    June 18, 2009 4:06 pm

    hi how are you?
    i’m in similar situation as you…but i’m thinking about going back to get my master’s but it’s really hard with having to pay for mortage, etc. How do you pay for your master’s?
    Do you have a loan taken out for master’s or do you set aside money each month to pay for each semester?
    I’m trying to decide which route to go.
    Thank you

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