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June 8, 2009
  • I finished yet another class towards my M.S. degree, probably the most time consuming one since I moved to California.  No grade yet, but it should be ok.  It feels nice to have a couple weeks off!!
  • I returned my gray (not black) shorts to Target, and had already found black ones to replace them while I was back home.  I also bought one t-shirt on sale from Express.  So my net clothing spending this month is negative $8.
  • I’ve been tweaking my wedding budget (thanks for your suggestions!) and am anxious to start booking stuff.  I’m having trouble getting agreement on a date.   It was suggested that we wait until tax season was over, due to an accountant in the immediate family, so I picked the weekend right after.  Which is “right before finals” for another in the immediate family.   !!! I think within a few days we’ll either get a reasonable suggestion for a date or permission to just do it whenever we want.
  • We ate a a restaurant that has potential, and I’m hoping I can get them to work with our budget.
  • I found a photographer who is GREAT and willing to work with us for a shorter period of time at a reduced rate–within our budget!  Also, instead of a fancy wedding book, we’ll get all our images (w/ post processing) in high res on a DVD.  I wanted the digital images no matter what, so this pleases me.  It comes with an engagement session, which I thought I might have to pay extra for.
  • I’m expecting layoffs this week, or very soon.  I’m not expecting to get one, as my manager has something lined up for me once some paperwork goes through.  I don’t want to go into much detail, but my current work environment is not good (for the past month or so), and it is driving me crazy.  I can’t wait until I’m moved to something else.
  • I’m finally making my Catalina Island vacation happen this month!  I haven’t done the budget, but when I priced it a last fall I expected $400 for 3 nights, including about $100 to scuba. Maybe I should have expected this, it being an ISLAND with limited space/resources, but it is totally booked for most dates this summer. Not sure if I can swing it this month.
  • T wants a plasma TV and a sound system.  I’m kind of baffled, as it isn’t like him to want expensive electronics, and we really don’t watch that much TV anyway (more now that we got Netflix though).  I’m not 100% opposed but I really don’t think it is necessary.  At all.
  • The joint credit card has been something of a failure thus far, because I added him to my oldest card, my Discover.  My Visa is my favorite card for personal stuff, so I didn’t want to add him to that.  I’ve never had problems with my Discover being accepted, but I mainly use it for gas or the occasional online purchase.  But we went to two food places this weekend that rejected us.   I think we need a new Visa.
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