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Sidebars and NetWorthIQ updated!

June 12, 2009

The networth IQ is a bit misleading, as I’ve been counting my wedding fund as part of it, and I plan to eventually spend it all.   But for now, I have it, and so there it is — perhaps I’ll start tracking it in “Other” or something?  I also plan to put down at least one deposit this month, if not two.

My parents was a little nervous about my restaurant of choice, as we had initially just talked about a very casual dinner at a rented home.   I reminded them that I was contributing, and their portion wouldn’t change at all– only mine and T‘s.  I think that helped.

The restaurant is firm $45/pp, and allows us one bottle of our wine (no corkage) for every bottle of their wine we buy.  Dinner/drinks/tax/tip for 60 people will be less than $5000, but  I don’t know how much less.  I’m not having “open bar”, per se, but I do want to make sure there is enough alcohol for all.  While 45/pp is a lot, most “venues” I looked at were $95+/pp, plus a hefty rental fee.  Plus alcohol!  Plus service/tax!

I found a great photographer that was willing to work with our $1500 budget.   They had a pared down minimalist package w/four hours of photography (plus editing ), with $200/hr if we need additional time.  No album, but we get all the high res digital images.  Engagement sessions and albums come with their normal packages (starting at $3000), but we can add a 2-3 hour session for $200.

I wanted a photographer who took good photos, whose style I liked (sort of photojournalistic and fun), who’d give me rights to my images, and who knew how to photoshop and make things look cool.  Their typical turn around time is 2 weeks (!), but it may be up to four.

Realistically, we’ll probably end up spending over $2000 by the time we are done buying prints and everything, which is ok with me.  We can print at the profesional photographer, but he also said costco does the best non-professional job for less expensive prints. I like that they will give me the base package and we can add exactly what I want.  I really like that they give me all the digital images to do what I want with.

Hmm, this is a networthIQ and sidebar update post?  Ok.  Besides adding $450 to the wedding fund autodeposit, I increased my Long Term Travel fund by $50, my Student Loan Payback account by $25, and my short term savings by an unknown ammount (hard to tell until end of the month).

The wedding stuff is weird.  I’m a planner (aren’t we all, pf-ers?) and I’m kind of into planning and figuring out the best places to spend my money to get the best value to me.  I didn’t think I’d like it, but I do, sort of.  The more things I figure out, the less overwhelmed I feel, the more excited I am!

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  1. June 12, 2009 10:13 am

    Nice post. I’m also trying to figure out how not to manipulate my networth by including my wedding fund…but I guess that will all be taken care of in about three months when it is all gone! For the time being I think I will start tracking it in Other though. Good suggestion.

    And yeah, I like planning too…instead of working today….I’m going over our wedding budget a few times. Why is that fun to me? I’m not quite sure. I have another question for you but I’ll hit you up on twitter.

  2. SoCal Savvy permalink
    June 12, 2009 11:30 am

    Smart move! We did the same thing you did with your photographer- we got a great and talented person, but then convinced them to give us the high resolution digital negatives.

    It really saved us a lot of money, and I’ve had a lot of fun making my own album with Booksmart and my did my own enlargements on canvas with upDone. I also did all of that for a fraction of the price a professional would have charged us!

  3. SP permalink*
    June 12, 2009 11:37 am

    @socal savvy – thanks for the feed back!

    I’m a little nervous about it because I have ZERO graphic design skills. But worst case scenario I can give up and hire a friend (at a fair rate!) with some skills to do some basic stuff!

    @Forest – yeah, 3 months isn’t long! I have quite a bit longer! Exciting!

  4. June 12, 2009 7:16 pm

    Getting the high res images is a real boon!

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