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June Shopping

June 18, 2009

I finally bought some more dress pants for work from Banana Republic.  I had exactly one pair (gray) that I thought fit well and I wore often, and a few more pairs that occasionally were put into the rotation even though they just didn’t fit quite right.  And I’ve been wearing jeans more than necessary.  These are khaki colored and will be good for summer.  They are having a sale right now, but I bought them when they were 30% off last week.  I was warned the sale was coming up, but I’ve rarely seen dress pants for less than $40 (about what they were), so I jumped.

Now that they are on sale, I’m considering getting the dark color as well.  But I probably won’t, yet.  Oh, they sold out of my size since last night anyway.

I also bought a pair of jeans.  I’m not 100% convinced of them and may return them, but I wore them around my apartment (tags on) and I I like them.  But I want a second opinion, as I’m notoriously bad at selecting my own jeans that fit right.

The total was just under $100.  Amazingly, they both fit upon arrival.  Perhaps I’ve mastered BR’s vanity sizing?  If not, I would return them to the store.  I just find it easier to find sizes and selection online.  It’s all so organized!

Pants aren’t my favorite thing to buy — I’d much rather buy a dress, a top, a shoe, or a handbag.  But they are probably one of the most necessary things to buy.  Just not exciting!

Next month I’m looking for a nice brown pump with a mid/low heel, under $100, or perhaps a light colored cardigan.  I want this one to go on sale, but I’ll have to see it in the store to dertermine quality.  This winter I splurged on a barely-on-sale merino wool black cardigan from BR, and I love it.  It held up better than any other cheap cardigan I’ve ever bought, and it looks much nicer.   Paying full price is sort of painful for me, but sometimes, for the right item, maybe it is worth it.  (Actually, it was a Christmas gift, but it was on my “wish list”.)

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  1. June 18, 2009 8:03 am

    I hate pants shopping too! They’re always the wrong length… one of the occupational hazzards of being short, I guess.

  2. Janet permalink
    June 18, 2009 9:28 am

    I like the cardigan at Gap. I think the quality is reasonable. I’ve been keeping an eye on them but have been feeling cheap and I keep hoping they go on sale. They’ve been there at least a month now so I’m hoping a sale is imminent.

  3. June 18, 2009 1:33 pm

    I hate pants and jeans shopping. So far i’ve had good luck with work pants from The Limited. Banana Republic pants have an annoying lining that I just can’t stand, plus they all fit weird on me. Zara has some nice work pants as well, but they are hit or miss.

    Have you tried Martin and Osa? They have some nice light colored cardigans. J. Crew also has cute stuff. Check out Zara as well for cardigans.

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