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Camping Costs

June 25, 2009

We have an overnight camping trip planned for this weekend!  Finally!  Just for one night this time.

We weren’t able to get away at all last quarter due to school stress + moving + me freaking out about my job + getting engaged.  So, it is our first chance using our new sleeping bags (after we froze our butts off camping in the desert in March).  Though it isn’t supposed to be less than high 50’s so I probably could get away with my summer bag.

Estimated Costs (for two)

  • Food:  We bought $75 worth of stuff at the store, but at least $20 was non-food items, and a little wasn’t for camping.  I’ll estimate $45, but we definitely won’t eat it all this weekend.  Extra Cliff bars, extra peanuts, extra bread…
  • Gas:  ~200 miles round trip, ~22 mpg, $3.10/gal… about $30

We already have:

  • Map
  • Adventure Pass (basically a parking permit for parks in SoCal)
  • Thousands of dollars worth of backpacking gear.

I just have to put that out there.

We’ve spent a lot of money on this hobby, most if it on stuff that is generally considered necessary for an overnight trip.  It all adds up and I’d say we’ve spent over $1500.  Each. We have pretty much everything we need, and occasionally fill in wants (new bra, new shirt, better pants).  We usually only need to buy a map, food and gas, then we are good to go.  Plus we use some of it for day hikes on weekends when we can’t get away.  (Day hiking is a much less expensive hobby to get into.)

This year we’re focusing on camping trips for our vacations.  It is a shame since plane ticket deals are OUTRAGEOUS for late summer/fall.  We could easily swing a trip to Hawaii or spend a bit more and make it to Europe.  But we want to get use out of our stuff, we want to enjoy all California has to offer, and we want to save our money for a wedding and an amazing honeymoon (location TBD) next Spring.

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  1. June 25, 2009 11:57 am

    I have a similar post up on my blog today (yesterday?) too! We’re going on a 5 day camping trip!


    I hope you enjoy your time away!


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