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June Review

June 30, 2009

June Net Worth Report:  I was stuck in the $23k-$25k range for a really long time (thanks S&P 500), even though I was consistently saving. Now my retirement contributions are no longer vanishing into the abyss, so I’m quickly approaching $40k now.  Current status:  $38,647.  Much of my “cash” from last month was actually the wedding fund, which I segmented out into “Other”.  It is still included in my networth, even though it is scheduled to be spent within the next 9 months.  Eeek!

Rather than detailing my June goals, I’m going to provide a really quick summary: FAIL!!!!!

Ok, a little more detail:

  • I did great in my class.  A+!!!  And I started my next one, but so far, I’m slacking.
  • I ran some (but not 3 times a week) and only did yoga once.  I totally forgot about signing up for a 5k, and I’m not sure i’m going to now.  I just don’t feel ready.
  • I again didn’t schedule a dentist appointment or get my passport photo taken, but I did return my gray shorts and submit my school paperwork.
  • I picked out a photographer and location, but haven’t quite signed the contracts and spent the money.
  • We planned our hiking trips, but we haven’t mailed in for permits or anything yet.
  • I saved $1050 towards the wedding fund, $340 towards travel, and $50 for my Roth.
  • I re-instated my Roth IRA contributions for July, since I didn’t get laid off (whew!).  On schedule to max out by the end of the year.
  • I worked on reading Middlesex, which I’ve owned forever and can not get into.  I didn’t get far.  Probably a sign I should just read something I’m into.
  • I did pamper:  haircut and mani/ped

This month flew by.  This year is flying by.  Where is time going?!?

I need some sort of better way to keep myself organized, both at work and at home/school.   Do you use a planner?  I used to love mine in college, but can’t seem to get into them anymore.  Suggestions?

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  1. elle & ish permalink
    June 30, 2009 8:03 pm

    I like using Google Calendar online. For me its better than using paper because I can access it from anywhere with an internet connection…and I don’t have anymore scribbles and “crossing-out” lines in my planner.

    You can set up email alerts for appointments and drag those appointments around easily if you change them to a different date. And they have beautiful candy colors for each appointment category!

    🙂 Good luck finding out what you need

  2. elcheapofinance permalink
    June 30, 2009 11:17 pm

    Congrats on a good month of saving dinero!

  3. July 2, 2009 9:27 am

    I also use the Google Calendar function. I LOVE it because I can access it wherever I want, and I can also share it out to other people who can look at my schedule.

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