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Failing at eating out less

July 6, 2009

I had a noble idea that we’d cut our restaurant spending this month, but judging by the first weekend… it isn’t happening.

We got take-out on Thursday, mostly because I was still a bit sick and thus low on appetite.  I needed something super delicious to entice me to get some nutrition in me (besides not feeling like cooking). Friday we baked some turkey sliders, then survived Saturday on alcohol and BBQ (so healthy!) at a friend’s place for the 4th.

We had the fabulous idea to bike 13 miles to his party.  It was nice, except for the fact that we had to bike 13 miles home the next day when we were no longer so energized after crashing doubled up on the couch without proper pillows.  So college-style.

Anyway, it was a good time — everything a California 4th of July should be.  In the midwest, the fourth was always about boating and lakes, family and friends.  Here it is about beach and bbq and friends.  Sadly no family around — looking at my sis’s pics /videos from the 4th make me homesick!  Nephew is the CUTEST.

Anyway, Sunday morning we went out for a mediocre post-party breakfast, then made the ride home.  We were so dead exhausted Sunday that no cooking was happening.  We ate some heated up turkey burgers, took a nap, then had pizza for dinner.  That’s three meals “out” in one week.  We split them all on the joint card, it came out to about $40 each for me and T.  For one weekend.  We are supposed to be spending about $35/week total!  Whooops!

The only non-food spending this weekend was a contribution to the party (beer and chips) for about $30.

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  1. July 13, 2009 8:18 pm

    I’m sure you’ll get it back together the rest of the month. Holiday weekends tend to be unusual since you’re going out, meeting friends, breaking routine and such.

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