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2009 Goals V2.0

July 27, 2009

I’ve had so many changes in the first half of the year that my original goals aren’t quite what I’m striving towards.  So I’m going to redo them.  For comparison, original goals can be found here.    Bold items are alterations, strike outs are (obviously) no longer applicable, green are completed.

2009 Goals Redo


  • Max out Roth IRA by contributing a fixed amount each paycheck
  • Contribute 15% in 401k from July to December

Cash Savings

  • Increase car fund by $5000 (currently at $370)
  • Save/Spend $5000 towards wedding/wedding fund
  • Start “Long Term Travel Fund” and get balance to $1000
  • Maintain Efund up to at least $16k by end of year
  • Increase Student Loan Account by $1000


  • Continue towards M.S. taking 4 classes
  • Be proactive about job/career (quite vague…  Perhaps should define this more clearly…)
    • Talk to manager about career goals and ask to look for new assignments
    • Get my job classification changed == raise
    • Take part in one of those work involvement groups


  • Camping on Catalina (spring break?) was all booked by time I planned it
  • Big Sur (summer vacation?) Doing kings canyon instead
  • Sespe Wilderness area Did San Gorgonio instead
  • Run a half marathon (probably not), or at least, Keep up running, do a 5k, for real
  • Visit friend in Portland before she moves back to the Midwest
  • Mt Whitney? Did Mt Lukens… Maybe do Mt Baldy?
  • Move to new apartment
  • Keep monthly clothing spending under $100/mo average
  • Try out ocean kayaking
  • Take a morning yoga class on the beach
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  1. July 27, 2009 12:29 pm

    I’m on version 4.0 I think with this year’s goals! It seems as soon as I make a goal, something happens and I change everything once again. I still think that goal setting is useful, but I know that things can change along the way and you have to stay flexible. Good luck with your new goals!

  2. July 28, 2009 9:07 pm

    Your only on version 2?! I think I revise things ever month…

    Well, I suppose the goals stay the same, but I’m going to do to get there is always changing.

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