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July Goal Results

July 31, 2009

The reward system I made worked really well (and it probably didn’t hurt that I didn’t post these until almost the middle of the month).  I met more of my goals than usual!

1.  Eat out only once more, that’s it!
FAIL! I’m not surprised.  We did pretty good, but went out for our anniversary (5 years!) and randomly before vacation.

Get some delicious TJ’s desert item that I usually would pass by.  Yum yum!

2. Spend extra time putting myself together in the morning, at least two days in the work week.
Success! It isn’t as hard as I thought, and I think I did it more like 3 days a week.  Improvement!
Reward:  $25 gift card to Sephora

3.  Stick to jeans on Friday ONLY.  I’ve been abusing the casual dress code.
Success! This was harder than I anticipated, actually.  I was tempted to wear jeans so many non-Fridays that if I didn’t build in a reward, I’m sure I would have said “screw it”
Reward: Something happy for my cubicle — my NEW cubicle, which I actually think is going to be a (shared) office.

4. Climb Mount San Gorgonio and visit Sequioa/Kings Canyon.
Success! Mount San Gorgonio was beautiful and rewarding, and as you read this I’m off the grid in Kings Canyon.
Reward: None — Vacations don’t need rewards!

5. Run twice a week during work week in the a.m.
Success! The biggest push was getting to sleep earlier and getting up earlier.  It felt totally weird (but good) to have my workout down before 6:30 a.m.  Schedule wise, this was excellent.  But I don’t like how empty the running path is in the mornings.  I’m not sure if I want to do this or evening runs in the future.
Reward: Mani/pedi in August!  (I might change this in for the Nike Sport Kit instead.)

6.  Small things to accomplish:

  • Make doctor & dentist & eye appointments. Yes! I went to the doctor and optomitrist, but the dentist office mysteriously said “I will call you back at my earliest convience” and I haven’t heard from them since.  Hmmm?  Better follow up.
  • Passport. No! But I really will soon, I proooomise.  This has been a goal for at least six months.  I’m awful.
  • Get wedding reception site finalized/booked. Yes!
  • Oil change and car wash.  Including interior. Yes! Except I didn’t do the interior yet.  It isn’t too bad, but could be much better.
  • Love my bf.  🙂   We have one “off” weekend (no exams, no hikes) and I think we need a date night.  Yes! We went out to Grand Performances in downtown LA for one date, plus hung out around our neighborhood for the other nights.  But it was still a stressful/busy month with less time for each other than I would like.  But we’re now on vacation together!
  • Return REI stuff that didn’t work out. Yes!
  • Invite friend to happy hour.  No! Ooops.  I had a midterm and kind of forgot/was too busy to really care.
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  1. August 3, 2009 3:19 pm

    If your talking about the Nike + kit, I just got the Sportband and love it! It’s been a pretty good motivator to get me out and actually running! I’m just not sure how accurate mine is reading now, I’ll have to do a run that I can measure in my car to make sure.

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