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August Goals

August 1, 2009

For most of these goals, rewards don’t exactly make sense, so I only listed them where I felt they were applicable.

1.  Finish the last month of my summer class with a decent grade.
I say this every quarter, and I’ve done fine every quarter.  But I really hate this class.  Hate it! But I have most of September off.
Reward: I kind of want a t-shirt from my school.  I found one I like.  I won’t buy until September and I’m also going to only get it if I meet goal #2 and #3!

2.  Go through closets and donate, and buy new basics (underwear and socks). Seems like going through closets is a regular chore.  It is much easier for me to set aside a few things at once.  Also, socks are so not a fun way to spend my clothing budget (but underwear are!), so I’m listing it as a goal.  Spend no more than $40 on these and nothing else on clothing!
Reward: See goal #1

3.  Savings:  $600 to wedding fund, $300 to travel. Pretty self explanatory.  Per usual budget, I’ll also set aside $75 for gifts, $100 for car stuff, $100 for insurance… blah blah.
Reward: See goal #1

4.  Start planning (and perhaps buy) presents for September birthdays.  I’ve been a bad family member, consistently late on presents. What do three year old boys love, anyway?  How about men in their 50s?  I also owe my mom a present for… mothers day.  I’m sure she isn’t thinking about it, but it would be nice to bring something for her too.

5.  Wedding: Perhaps order the cake and rings.  Consider scheduling engagement photos (for Sept).  Pick out (but do not order) invitations, and gather more resources to get the ceremony finalized.  There are surprisingly few resources on a (mostly) DIY beach ceremony in the L.A. area, but I don’t see any good reason why it can’t be done (and I’m sure it has been).  There really is no reason to do any of this so early, except if we just do a couple little things each month, it’ll be easier.  I also expect only to do a few of these things in August — the rest can overflow into September.  I’ll count this as a success if any progress whatsoever is made.  🙂

6Run 2 times during the week, once on weekend. I’m not limiting my weekday runs to mornings, but it has been working well.  Weekend runs can be substituted with other activities.  I’m not really setting any new goals, just trying to do 30 minute runs.
Reward: Mani/ped in September before I go home!

Though not listed, my actual job is going to take a lot of effort/focus this month (I hope!) as i’m transitioning to a new position.  I’m really excited!

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  1. August 1, 2009 11:17 am

    Great set of goals – reminds me, I have to post my August budget/goals.

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