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Labor Day Weekend

September 7, 2009

I planned a lot for this month, but luckily, nothing at all for this long weekend!  I haven’t had much desire to post the past week… so I haven’t!  We’ve spent a little time with friends, a little time cleaning and cooking, some time running and beaching, and a lot of time relaxing.

Here’s what I spent (my share)

Drinks with friends:  $17
Sushi:  $20
Picked up dress at tailor: $45 (turned out great!)
Books:  $100 (one text book that I’ll be reimbursed for, one travel book)
Cleaning Supplies:  $10
Groceries:  $35
Laundry:  $5

I also bought lunch with 2 new coworkers on Friday ($15) and went out with a couple friends and T on Thursday ($10 or so), so all in all, September is off to an expensive start!

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