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Good and Bad

September 14, 2009

Good:  Going home this month to see my family!
Bad:  Unless I want to use my precious vacation hours, I’m going to have to work 9-10 hour days all month long.

Good:  My manager is (finally) putting me in for a promotion, roughly 10 months after it was first discussed.
Bad:  I’m still “behind” where I should be.  When I complete my M.S., I’m going to ask to be considered for another one.   It will be fully justified by education and experience, but I’ll have to step up and do well on this program as well, and show that I’m valuable.  Which I intend to do anyway!  I hate that I’ve had to switch around so much, and I still feel like a newbie.   I don’t know if it will work (two promotions in two years) but I don’t think it is absurd, and I need to try for it.  I’m quite confident that (with MS in hand next spring) I could get a job elsewhere and be hired in at the higher pay grade without trouble.  That isn’t what I want to do, but it has to be on the table.

Good: Accomplished two things on my “to do for fun in L.A.” list this weekend:  Went to the rooftop bar at the Standard downtown, and went to a performance at the Hollywood Bowl (with fireworks!).
Bad:   Oooo, this was all very expensive!!!!  Next time I’ll get even cheaper seats for the Hollywood Bowl — you can hear from the back just as well.  Also, you can bring your own wine (we didn’t drink) and picnic (we brought food) — it’s really a pretty good deal.

Good:  My new blue sundress I bought for my engagement photos was successfully tailored (a complete dress size, at least) and I found shoes to wear with it.  I’m excited!
Bad:    My newish shoes (August?) are already coming apart on the bottom.  I’m annoyed.  They aren’t cheap-o shoes and even with daily wear, I’d expect them to last much much longer.  I’m going to bring them to a shoe repair place and see what happens.  It’s mostly just the soles.

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